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Most tactical tourniquets are carried in the field in specially designed quick-access utility pouches, allowing medical and non-medical military operators to gain a good deal of time when in the most dangerous red zone, where a paramedic is only allowed to examine the injured for bullet wounds, apply tourniquets and evacuate the wounded to the yellow zone.

At present, we can distinguish three most popular and commonly-used tourniquet models:

  • C.A.T. - the North American Rescue product – has been the official tactical tourniquet of the US Armed Forces since 2005. It is constantly modified and improved by the manufacturer with Gen 7 C.A.T. TQ being the latest of its multiple generations.

  • SWAT-T Tourniquet (TEMS Solutions) – despite its common use as a military tourniquet, this product is also a versatile first-aid trauma care device. It can treat minor to life-threatening injuries both applied as a primary / back-up tourniquet and as a pressure-dressing / all-purpose wrap in a situation of extremity/abdominal/thoracic injury.

  • SOFTT-W (TacMed Solutions) - the abbreviation stands for Special Operation Forces Tactical Tourniquet Wide - a wide tactical tourniquet mainly used by special operation forces. Its operation principle is identical to that of C.A.T. tourniquet.

Just as military I.F.A.K., every soldier and paramedic must carry an emergency military tourniquet. Ease-of application is one of the greatest benefits of this equipment, as soldiers can apply their own tourniquets when they are wounded. Moreover, C.A.T. allows easy one-handed access.

Light-weight utility tourniquet holder makes this procedure even simpler and shortens the time needed to accommodate the function. Featuring a special quick-pull design and attachment to MOLLE-webbed platforms within a-one-hand distance, Hofner pouches ensure immediate lift up and easy removal of the tourniquet.

Being designed to fit most tourniquets on the market, Hofner pouches are also the perfect size to update the existing tactical gear with other necessary equipment: multitools, knives, flashlights or similar small items. Made of military-grade Cordura 1000D with top-quality YKK Hook-and-loop fasteners, these adjustable pouches are secure fit and side coverage that protect and hold any tourniquet in place. For quick and live-saving access, our tourniquet holders are MOLLE, duty belt, chest rig and plate carrier compatible.

It is also worth noting that just like any other Hofner heavy-duty gear, these ready to go pouches are not "exposed to" IR and thermal viewing night vision equipment.

Hofner tourniquet pouches come in several colors, including black, which works great for police and law enforcement officers.

Hofner effective and easy-to-operate tourniquet pouches have already been used by our clients from Israel, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, the USA, Japan, and Canada. They have also received positive reviews from soldiers serving in the United States Marine Corps (USMC), the Lithuanian Special Operations Force (LITHSOF) and the French Foreign Legion who order Hofner tactical gear from our online store on a regular basis.

We deliver our products worldwide.

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