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Our new developments

High-quality tactical equipment for special forces

Our customers are the guarantor of quality. Hofner products are primarily designed for special forces and military intelligence units. Also, our equipment is used by soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Border Guard Service, the National Guard, volunteer battalions, DSO workers, Marines, military paramedics and paratroopers.

The task of our tactical equipment is not to fail in battle and to be useful behind the front line. It is noteworthy that Hofner's equipment is in demand in the "Great Land". In addition to hostilities, our equipment has proven itself among airmen and hunters.

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All products have been tested in the area of ​​environmental protection (ATO)

Tested by iron people in iron conditions. Our products have been developed jointly with military specialists, taking into account the experience of hostilities in eastern Ukraine. I felt a hammer and an anvil of landfills on my own "cordura". Initially, all products are thoroughly tested in training. Our equipment is hardened by war. The reliability of materials and the convenience of Hofner equipment have improved the quality of many combat operations.

Our advantages

We know very well that someone's life depends on the quality of the equipment we make. Our main goal is to prevent the soldier from losing him.

Our advantages
Carefully consider the design
Our designers get their inspiration "from all rivers". We closely monitor the latest tactical equipment on the world market. We study the products of top brands, adopt their experience. The best devel..
Our advantages
We take into account the wishes of the fighters
Any client can take part in development. Why? We may not have seen what you noticed. A soldier with combat experience who has tried on many types of tactical equipment knows exactly what is best for c..
Our advantages
Our goal is the highest quality!
We perfectly understand that someone's life depends on the quality of our equipment. Our main goal is to avoid that a soldier lost his one. And this primary goal depends on the equipment reliability, ..
Our advantages
Original fabric and accessories
Undoubtedly, the price of the substitute is cheaper. But we, above all, value the lives of our customers, which depends on the quality of equipment. Cracked fastex or reinforced Chinese-made thread ca..
Our advantages
Delivery across Ukraine and abroad
If quality is our hobby, then service is responsible. We will deliver anywhere. We work with both domestic and foreign delivery services. Basically, to avoid overpayments, we work with the national ca..
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