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The Hofner Plate Carrier series is a thoroughly designed line of modern cases for armor plates, which are lightweight, fully adjustable and more convenient to use than the standard body armor models.
Modular Plate Carriers were first designed to provide protection for the U.S. Law Enforcement and Special Forces Units operating in high-risk conditions and then used by the U.S. Army officers as bulletproof vests in a variety of scenarios from emergency to duty.
Hofner Plate Carriers are fully adjustable for height and girth, sized from Medium to XL. This gear is specifically designed to protect major vital areas of the operator’s body and to provide advantages of fast movement and convenient firing, offering the operator a balance between coverage and mobility. 
Meanwhile, the case also serves as a tactical vest. All Hofner Plate Carriers are equipped with MOLLE webbing allowing for the maximum customization and configuration with a variety of pouches and other MOLLE-compatible tactical equipment to suit any requirements and the user’s needs for a particular mission and making this system easily and economically modified for changing applications. For instance, the operator can use the MOLLE platform to attach a tactical backpack or a tactical pack for hydration system on the back of the plate carrier, whenever needed. All of Hofner Plate Carriers are designed to fit a wide range of armor plates available on the market.
The case of each Hofner Plate Carrier features an integrated quick release and evacuation system. These upgraded plate carrier models also allow attachment of side plates for additional protection and are equipped with groin pads.
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